how to jump from idea to action

How to Jump from Idea to Action

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how to jump from idea to action

It often seems like the world is full of good ideas. But the timing of talking about or hearing good ideas, and being able to apply them, often do not align. When that happens don’t you wish those good ideas came with simple directions that you and your team could act on when you are ready? I know I really appreciate it when someone gives me an idea AND helps with directions on how to implement that idea.

Getting Support to Act on Ideas through Dynamics User Groups

A great place for actionable ideas is your local Dynamics User Group, whether it is for GP, AX, CRM or NAV. In mid-December the user groups published their latest quarterly magazines, available electronically and by mail to user group members.

The GPUG December 2014 issue was particularly useful because it included “The List”. If you are looking for solutions to problems, particularly solutions targeted to specific problems, then the “The List” is for you. It provides a directory of ISV’s and Partners with expertise in different specialties and in different verticals. These are organizations that don’t just have good ideas, they know how to execute them and can help you do the same.

Getting Support to Act on Ideas through SQL Server Reporting System (SSRS)

Often we have our own great ideas but lack action strategies. The user groups articles and explanations, provided by those in the group, provide first-hand accounts and directions on how to get things done. The December 2014 GPUG magazine has a great article titled Reporting Tools: an SSRS Point of View, by Shawn Dorward. In it he highlights that every organization has some level of unique information needs and SSRS can be the ideal tool to help with those needs. Shawn points out that expecting standard reports to answer all your questions is an indication of misplaced expectations. In his thorough explanation of terms and use cases he focuses on helping new users in particular understand the functions and benefits of SSRS.

Shawn, like many of the contributors to the user group, is a hands-on user of these solutions as well as an active participant in user forums. The participation of Shawn and others like him in these groups helps create an active resource community that can provide cost effective help in the form of both ideas and actions. Taking the time to research likely solutions from the offerings found in these member forums can help your organization avoid both the cost and the pain of re-inventing the wheel.

Finding the time to participate in groups or offerings of this nature can sometimes seem like just one more thing that gets added to an ever expanding list of tasks to complete, especially in this world of Linked In, Twitter and other communication tools. But sometimes a big part of the value of your participation is that it provides the chance to slow down a little and in that moment find inspiration that is otherwise missed.

In any organizations there might not be more than one expert in any given function so joining groups and offering information in these settings can provide access to the larger team that is helpful in defining strategies to execute.

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