are you increasing busyness instead of business

Are You Increasing Busyness Instead of Business?

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are you increasing busyness instead of business

We just completed our four video summer learning series, designed to help with business tasking that is often overlooked. Basically, we feel busy is not always better… particularly when simple changes can lead to significant improvements. When you can do better, you should.

These four short video lessons will spark better processes to improve business while reducing wasted time in busyness through automation and streamlined efforts.

Lesson 1: Certificates of Analysis – Any Way You Want

Do do you need to provide your customer’s with documentation certifying your product performance? Are you tired and confused managing multiple formats and data points? We can show you how to alleviate these burdens and streamline your processes.

Lesson 2: Vendor Qualification and Risk Assessment

The right vendor just makes you look better, you know it. But how can you better manage finding and evaluating the right vendor? Centralize vendor data, standardize performance evaluations, these are just a few of the initiatives you can launch and manage easily with Quality Essentials Suite.

Lesson 3: Decision Intelligence – Data that Goes Beyond Cost and Count

Not everything we track to manage our business better is sourced in our accounting package. Sometimes data like temperatures, or heat treat id or country of origin are critical for conforming to our customer requirements. So where can we keep this data reliably and then analyze it quickly for process improvement? Try using the data types and dashboards in Quality Essentials Suite to help you get the best results from your results.

Lesson 4: Enhanced Lot Management Q&A (Quarantine & Accuracy)

Product conformity, sourcing and tracking are increasingly important to all of our customers. Managing these responsibilities cost effectively and reliably is an important business improvement investment. With DynamicsGP and Quality Essentials Suite we can create a seamless process for lot and serial control, quarantine and trace that meets those customer expectations with ease.

If you or someone you know would like a targeted presentation on any of these or other manufacturing and quality topics please let us know. We would be happy to arrange a custom demo. Find all the Summer Learning Series videos here.

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