Quality Management – New Year, New Choices, New Goals

Quality Management – New Year, New Choices, New Goals

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Quality Management – New Year, New Choices, New Goals

February sees the annual Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show (PD&M) returning to Anaheim, California.  This year Horizons International will be in attendance in booth 4471 from February 12-14.

We have some very special reasons to attend the PD&M show this year. I am excited to share them with you.

Launching: Lowest Cost, Most Complete Quality Management System

Join us as we introduce our latest addition to our quality management system, Quality Essentials Suite.  Our newest product, the Improvement Management module, extends the capabilities of our full suite in very exciting ways.

quality management - new year, new choices, new goals

Less Integration. More Choice. Greater Affordability.

One of the most important values we are bringing to market with this module is giving you choice… the choice to no longer require integration to an existing enterprise or business system for our quality products.

  • We will of course continue to offer integrated solutions, particularly to Microsoft Dynamics, but, our design goals are to ensure that integration is not a requirement for future products.
  • We will also continue to offer pricing based on unlimited users for our quality system in support of encouraging organization wide engagement in the quality mission. Providing “unlimited users” is a Horizons value we continue to stand by, and continues to be unique in this industry.
  • This new module provides tools specifically to address the need for non-conformance notices, root cause analysis and corrective or preventative actions.  These are activities that are foundational for any organization pursuing a formal process for quality improvement.  Yet the variation in the nature of the business process flows for each of these action types is significant, making managing and monitoring the sub tasks associated with concluding the investigative cycle very challenging.

New Product. New Aptitude. Same Experience. New Brand.

While our Quality Essentials Suite complete solution, and complementary modules, are an extension of our knowledge from Horizons International, the fresh software solutions warrant a fresh brand! When you see us next, you’ll see our new product logo, website and exhibit booth.

Our Philosophy: Leading Quality Solutions Combined With Proven Methods

In following the tenets of formal quality improvement methods we investigated and learned that many organizations in pursuit of ISO or other certifications are concerned about implementing appropriate methods to help them continually improve the effectiveness of their quality systems.

Our Mission: to provide a quality solution and method to plan, collect, analyze and repeat successes with surprisingly affordable quality management software.

Making the Mission to Perfection Easy 

We discovered that many times the methods used will, whole or in part, rely on Microsoft productivity tools like Excel or Word even though such tools have audit and security risks.  The cost of alternative solutions has historically been high and the flexible performance required is often not present, so we are very happy to be bringing to market additional choices in support of this important function.

Traditionally it has also been difficult to justify implementing the recommendations that a formal quality system yields because it is not always easy to provide measurables that are timely and meaningful throughout the organization.  This led us to incorporate in our functionality methods to support costs and anticipated revenue related to non-conformance and corrective actions.  We also included charting, data extract to Excel and query tools that support efficiently repeating or copying queries across new sets of data. Thus improving the timeliness, accuracy and relevance of investigation and reporting.

We hope this year to help these organizations close the visibility gap created by their paper based systems. We want to support in a constructive way their efforts to move from reliance on error prone transcription methods to real time data collection.  Our goal is to make achieving secure, accurate and timely transactions in the quality system affordable by ensuring that everyone can be engaged in the quality mission.

We are very happy to be able to bring these and other tools to the function of quality.  We believe that formal engagement in quality improvement systems increases profitability while improving employee morale and raising customer satisfaction. Investment in quality improvements will help every organization reduce waste and contribute to sustainability efforts.

See You At the Show!

We look forward to seeing you at PD&M and showcasing our new quality solutions and sharing our vision. Remember, we’re at booth 4471. Comment below if you’ll be attending so we can watch for you or set up a demo!

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