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Upgrade to DynamicsGP 2018 – Winning Hearts, Minds and Budgets

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In Part One of our series about the benefits of upgrading to DynamicsGP 2018, we proposed a useful strategy for software upgrades: use the upgrade as an opportunity to investigate if off-the-shelf solutions can replace existing customizations. For over 20 years, the DynamicsGP ISV community has been developing and offering solutions targeted to either vertical industries, such as our own …

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Inspiring Improvement – Lean Six Sigma Efforts at USPS

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The staff members leading the Lean Six Sigma initiatives in any organization are pretty busy people. They also seem to be people with a great dedication to sharing knowledge and encouraging other organizations to find ways to benefit from the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. One of the indicators of this trend is their willingness to take time to present information …

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Upgrade to DynamicsGP 2018 – What’s your Strategy?

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As developers, we know the software you use to run your business is one of your most significant investments. Leveraging the value of that investment is important and one of the most effective ways to achieve that leverage is to stay current on software versions as they are released. This is why many end-users are already planning their upgrade to …

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Digitize your Quality Data

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Planning to bring in new tools to support your Quality department’s functions? Consider a tool to digitize your Quality data? Your Quality department or the Quality function in your organization is not exempt from the need to innovate and be more cost-effective. But you may find that the very nature of Quality as a function makes the effort to change …

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Partnerships – How Diversity Develops Knowledge

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I was recently asked to contribute some ideas to an article published in The Partner Channel magazine on the topic, “Keys to Successful Partnerships”. I was really happy to take some time to marshal my thoughts and to contribute to the effort, because I believe that partnerships are an increasingly important tool for achieving successful outcomes. Partnerships enable us to …

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How Can You Tell if Inertia is Keeping You from Moving Forward?

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Manufacturers must concern themselves with regulatory changes, technology changes, and market changes that are not always an evolutionary part of the business story. Identifying when individual task-ownership and simple inertia is undermining your overall efforts to respond effectively to outside requirements is tricky because, after all, not changing is always more comfortable. Breaking free of the past without leaving the …

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Why is Innovation So Much More Successful than Simple Change?

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In a world where rate of change and rate of progress are rapidly accelerating, it is likely a good call for management to consider why innovation is so much more successful than change and to use that information to foster an innovative culture. When we look for synonyms for the word innovation, we find terms like change, transformation, revolution, and …

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The Benefits of a Workplace Giving Program

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Finding an article on Workplace Giving in the recent issue of Quality Digest may be unexpected to some. But if you’ll pause to consider the role of Workplace Giving as a contributing element to the culture of an organization, you may feel a little less surprised. When we think or talk about the Quality body of knowledge and the contribution …

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Dynamics365 – Obstacles and Opportunity for Improving Inventory Execution

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Expanded Choice Can Increase Confusion The various announcements from Microsoft to both the broader market and their partner channel in regard to the Dynamics365 products clearly raise a lot of questions in a wide range of areas. Should existing users migrate to new products? What products should new users select? If the focus is on a specific business challenge like …

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What Single Word Leads to Improved Performance?

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In the Quality Management world, it is an accepted belief that people lack confidence in instructions for a given task when they don’t fully understand the value of or reason for the required actions. Therefore, it is important to build into our processes and instruction sets the explanations for the actions we are defining and the methods to confirm that …