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The Benefits of a Workplace Giving Program

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Finding an article on Workplace Giving in the recent issue of Quality Digest may be unexpected to some. But if you’ll pause to consider the role of Workplace Giving as a contributing element to the culture of an organization, you may feel a little less surprised. When we think or talk about the Quality body of knowledge and the contribution …

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Dynamics365 – Obstacles and Opportunity for Improving Inventory Execution

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Expanded Choice Can Increase Confusion The various announcements from Microsoft to both the broader market and their partner channel in regard to the Dynamics365 products clearly raise a lot of questions in a wide range of areas. Should existing users migrate to new products? What products should new users select? If the focus is on a specific business challenge like …

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What Single Word Leads to Improved Performance?

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In the Quality Management world, it is an accepted belief that people lack confidence in instructions for a given task when they don’t fully understand the value of or reason for the required actions. Therefore, it is important to build into our processes and instruction sets the explanations for the actions we are defining and the methods to confirm that …

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Cost or Confidence? Which controls your decision making?

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How would you answer the question, “How important is the quality of your vendors’ or customers’ performance to the success of your business?” You would probably respond, “It is very important.” Right? Not a highly scientific survey… but an honest one. Quality matters. For everyone. So, and here is the age-old question, what is it about quality that matters? I …

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Cloud Trends for Manufacturing

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The “to the cloud” decision is one that many businesses will face over the next few years and, while the term cloud is found everywhere, the definition varies so much that it can be confusing. This lack of specificity is causing many decision-makers to be more than a little uneasy about taking their first steps. From Information Super Highway to …

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Are There One or Two Paths from Envision 2016?

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Reading the variety of post-event comments from Microsoft Envision 2016, it is very clear that two strong camps have emerged. Which is not to say that they are in conflict with each other. Just that, in my opinion, there were two important outcomes from the event. The outcomes aren’t even exclusionary. I believe that those individuals who care about one …

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The Inevitability of Digital Transformation

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At the inception conference for Microsoft’s Envision this past week in New Orleans, digital transformation was at the heart of CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote address. Anyone not present for the keynote or not particularly focused on the software industry could be forgiven for wondering why a speech was delivered about transferring your photos or music to digital media. After all, …

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When Convergence Evaporated

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When Convergence Evaporated, What Did We Gain? For the last ten years the first quarter of my team’s calendar year has been heavily focused on wrapping up final details and preparing for Microsoft’s event, Convergence. For us the planning effort begins almost as soon as the previous year’s event ends. So one might think that Microsoft’s recent announcement – Convergence …

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The Great Search for the Right Integrated ERP

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Like every other year for the past 15 or so, I will speak with many organizations that plan to acquire manufacturing software or expand the capability of their existing solutions with functionality like quality management. These organizations will take similar but not identical routes in their investigation and evaluation of proposed solutions. A high number will find themselves facing the …