quality essentials suite new code is released

Quality Essentials Suite New Code is Released

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quality essentials suite new code is released

We are pleased to announce our release of version of Quality Essentials Suite (QES) – free trial here. QES has revolutionized the accessibility to quality management software solutions with products that significantly ease the risks and costs of conformance to regulatory requirements in any sector.

For those in high-risk industries, such as chemicals, plastics, oils, recycling or other forms of compounding, the risks are particularly grave as non-conformance to documentation requirements can result in rejected deliveries, delays in transportation and other penalties. Participants in these industries typically face very specific format requirements for showing compliance results to customers or regulatory bodies and managing these variations is exceptionally challenging.

QES was developed to help these organizations overcome the cost limitations for fully customized solutions; the risks inherent in often error-prone paper-based documentation and spreadsheet solutions; or the pain of dealing with ill-fit enterprise solutions because of perceived platform limitations.

New features in Quality Essentials Suite 2.11 for any company include:

  • Creating and managing complex variations of certificates of analysis to match customer and item requirements.
  • Data entry form choices for mobile and desktop solutions.
  • User defined fields for expanded customer specific data reporting and collection.
  • Integrated dashboard tool supporting business intelligence as part of quality management.

Enhanced lot management expands options for Dynamics GP customers

With this release we have expanded our support for lot management so that it is not just for Horizons manufacturing applications anymore.

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