when explanations aren't enough: the value of artifacts

When Explanations Aren’t Enough: The Value of an Artifact

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when explanations aren't enough: the value of artifacts

I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t been there at least once. You know the moment right after you have finished explaining the most exciting idea in the entire world and you get nothing but a blank stare. You are so deflated. You just don’t know what to do.

And then you think “Aha! Maybe I could build an artifact!”

Not sure what an artifact is? Well indulge me a moment while I tell you a story.

Long ago, there was a village on the banks of a river. The homes of the villagers were on one side of the river and all the fields where their food was grown were on the other side.

It was a very isolated spot so no one ever came to or left. So people in the village only knew what they knew.

Every year in the spring the river levels rose creating a great problem for the villagers because they couldn’t get to their fields and begin planting. Each year the villagers would have a meeting to try and figure out a solution and many solutions had been offered and declined. One year, a young man suggests they build a ‘bridge’ over the river.

The villagers had never heard of a bridge. So the young man describes it as a construct that sticks up out of the water and lets the water flow past while the villagers walk over the top to get to the other side. The villagers quickly dismissed this idea because the words used don’t make sense. No one had ever seen a bridge so they had no frame of reference.

Not to be dissuaded, the young man gets up one night and proceeds to construct his bridge.

The villagers get up the next day and use the bridge to get to their fields. Then they say “Aha! So that is what a bridge is”.

Sometimes to be successful with new ideas we have to reset our awareness to accommodate the fact that not everyone comes to the challenge with the same knowledge or concerns.

When that happens we have to be prepared to adjust our methods of communication so that they accommodate that lack of common understanding. Sometimes it is just easier to understand something if we do it, like walking across the bridge.

We believe the shift from spreadsheets to software feels daunting and cost-prohibitive for many. We believe that concerns about risk and worries about performance delay efforts to achieve cost improvements.

And we know that overcoming these hurdles requires a different approach from just talking about it.

So we have built an artifact for you to try the shift from spreadsheet to Quality Essentials Suite software with no risk and at low cost.

New Quick Start Guides: Rapidly Launch Your Mission for Quality

As a key part of our new methodology we have been in development of an industry-altering approach to the spreadsheet-to-software shift with our new Quality Essentials Suite Quick Start Guides.

Our guides are designed to seamlessly walk a new user through the functions of our software. The documents provide instruction so the user can install sample data and immediately begin processing transactions or they can choose to manually enter the same data for a more robust hands on experience.

This approach ensures the kind of rapid hands-on experience necessary for transformational understanding and reducing resistance to change.

Click here to access trial code information and the new Quality Essentials Suite Quick Start Guides.

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